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David Osborn | Professional London Photographer


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David Osborn | Professional London Photographer


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David Osborn | Professional London Photographer

Private One Week Workshops

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David Osborn | Professional London Photographer

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Learn Creative and Artistic

Landscape Photography with Photoshop

One Week Workshop ~ Three Subjects

01. Visualization

Visualization and composition, teaches you how to think, see and feel pictures. The skill required of all professional photographers. How to visualize the finished image in your mind before you photograph. How to turn your ideas into pictures before touching the camera. Learning this essential “think first, act second” approach will mean you take one photograph with a clear idea, not a hundred photographs without an idea. Visualization means creating good pictures regularly through intent, not randomly through luck. The workshop begins by asking “What makes good landscape photography?” The qualities we must aspire to. The rest of the time is spent learning how to achieve those qualities.

02. Photography

The landscape photograph is a product of Photoshop, not the camera. We use the camera only as a means to record the best possible material for Photoshop. What we need in Photoshop to create our final photograph, controls what we photograph with the camera. We visualize the photograph in our mind, then photograph the assets we require. With the use of a tripod, we make sure all the exposures align in Photoshop. This frees us from having to get the final image in one exposure, in-camera. This opens up a whole new world of creative possibility which we factor back into the visualization stage; yet based on our Photoshop knowledge. All three subjects are tightly interwoven and inseparable.

03. Photoshop

In Photoshop we first collate, edit then composite all our assets to create a single photograph; as if it were the most perfect image straight out of the camera. As if the image was indeed photographed as a single frame, in-camera. This image is then polished to transform it into an optical illusion of a landscape feeling three-dimensional, with light, form, texture and spatial distance. Technically perfect but lacking mood. In the final Photoshop editing, we add the artistic layer to transform the technically perfect into a personal artistic statement containing light, mood, drama and atmosphere. Enhancing all those qualities listed in the tutorial titled “What makes good landscape photography?”

Where Else Can You Find One Workshop, for One Week

~ Teaching You All the Skills You Need

Convenient and Custom Workshops

Choose Your Workshop

UK Workshop or Your Home Overseas ~ Worldwide

01. Travel to Me in Britain

The standard photography workshop held in the UK. The workshop lasts eight days including travel days; six full days of learning. The workshop is held in self catering holiday cottages near the village of Betws-y-coed on the edge of Snowdonia National Park, Wales The photography workshop covers the whole process from the camera to Photoshop, but with greater emphasis on the Adobe Photoshop editing techniques. Photographs are taken as part of the workshop, but not to high portfolio standards due to the tight time limitations. UK photography workshops can be transferred to an alternative location in the UK if required. Good for concentrating on learning Photoshop editing.

02. Brought to Your Home Overseas

The same photography workshops brought to your home outside Britain. This can be either the standard photography workshops covering the complete process of landscape photography and Photoshop editing, or more customized photography workshops concentrating on photography or Photoshop depending on your needs. Students can be beginners to advanced and provided we can converse in English, language should not be any problem. I have held numerous private workshops in Germany, France, Italy, Norway, Turkey, Dubai even Oman, where it was essential for clients to stay in touch with the day-to-day needs of their own businesses. Best option for your convenience.

03. Travel with You Anywhere

The perfect photography holiday to learn travel and outdoor photography with Photoshop training while photographing beautiful locations in USA, France, Germany, Spain, Norway, Italy, Switzerland, Dubai – where ever you wish to combine a one on one private landscape photography course and photography holiday. This option allows you the opportunity to escape from the day-to-day needs of your business, yet maximize your free time to enjoy travelling and learning photography at the same time without the restrictions of a preset travel schedule to keep to. Returning with a full set of beautiful portfolio quality images. The best option for good travel photography and relaxation to unwind.

No Preset Dates

Book Your Workshop

Only Two Workshops Held Each Month

01. You choose the dates

02. Email me your proposed dates

03. State if UK workshop or your home overseas

04. If the dates available ~ Workshop dates are reserved

05. If not available ~ I will propose the nearest dates possible

You make a group of two people, save 20% each. You make a group of four people, save 40% each.

~ Multiple Person Discounts

Photography Tutorials

The Workshop Tutorials

Read In Order for Best Results

The complete overview of all the workshop subjects you learn


David Osborn | Professional London Photographer

Thirty-Five Years Professional Photography Experience

Mission Statement

PhotoshopWorkshops is run by professional London photographer David Osborn. Its mission is to provide the enthusiast photographer, an educational resource for high-quality, professional landscape photography and Photoshop training. The landscape photography workshops take you step-by-step through the whole process of creating beautiful images from the camera to print, documenting every step as you go. The photography workshops are primarily private, one-to-one training with no preset dates, booked on demand all year-round, where and when you want them.

Contact David Osborn

69 Grange Gardens, Southgate,
London N14 6QW, England, UK

T: UK +44 (0) 771 204 5126

E: David@PhotoshopWorkshops.Com

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