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Digital Photography Workshops 01. Glencoe, Scotland. David Osborn
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David Osborn | Professional London Photographer

Why Choose These Digital Photography Workshops

– Presets are Mass Produced Creativity. I Teach You How To Be Unique

The digital photography workshops free you of being a prisoner of other people’s pre-packaged creativity and limitations of Lightroom. Take control of every aspect of your digital image. Enjoy the freedom to create images the way you want. Be proud to stand out.

It’s not hard, I’ve designed simple one-week digital photography workshops teaching you all the skills you need to create the fine art photography shown with no need for multiple courses. Just one photography workshop teaches you Previsualization, Photography and Photoshop Retouching.

It’s very easy. We shoot photographs then walk step-by-step through the complete digital process, learning and documenting every detail as we go. Is Photoshop hard to learn? No. I take out all the pain, teaching you only what you need to know and in very small, clear, easy to learn steps.

Where can you go to seriously improve your complete digital workflow and Photoshop skills fast in a short time and with minimum effort? This is what I do that other photography workshops simply do not offer. Fast-track one to one tuition, booked on demand, where and when you want.

Let’s stop using those presets making your digital photographs look like everyone else’s. Learn how to be unique. Create aesthetic and artistic quality with personal vision. Craftsmanship applied to the digital age. Give me just one week of your life and your work will change forever, I promise you.

Digital Photography Workshops 02. Shard, London. David Osborn
The Shard, London

Only 24 students taught each year worldwide. I only run two private digital photography workshops each month.

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Benefits of The Digital Photography Workshops

– Upgrade Your Digital Skills by Years. In Just One Week
01 Consistent Knowledge

Learning from different sources creates very inconsistent knowledge and gaps that cause confusion and stall your progress. Learning the complete digital workflow on one workshop provides a smooth transition from one skill to another; giving your knowledge consistency.

02 Save Time and Money

Paying for multiple workshops all adds up and still leaves knowledge gaps. Paying for one comprehensive workshop covering everything you need; the complete digital workflow, sets up your photography for life and is a much more cost-effective financial investment.

03 Professional Knowledge

I have been a photographer all my life as a hobby then as a profession. That’s an incredible 100,000 hours of real experience before even considering teaching you a workshop. Few digital workshop tutors have this volume of professional work knowledge and experience to teach.

04 You Achieve So Much More

One to one tuition means learning what you want at the speed you want, making your learning fast and efficient. The workshops concentrate on you only. There is no waiting for ‘the group’ to play catch up; you invest your precious time and money on new and relevant knowledge only.

05 Convenient Workshops

You dictate the time and place of the workshop allowing you to fit the workshop into your work and personal schedule; making it easy to keep in touch with the day-to-day demands of running your own business and personal life. Customized digital workshops fine tune what you wish to learn.

06 Long Term Foundation

The workshops give you a simple workflow to follow for all your future photography. This is a great foundation for the future that can be applied to any subject you take. The digital workflow taught is a universal workflow; suitable to all subjects taken with digital cameras.

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Two Digital Photography Workshops Offered

– Both One to One Tuition. Booked on Demand and Last One Week
Digital Photography Workshops 03. Architecture, Spain. David Osborn

The City of Arts and Sciences, Valencia, Spain. Photograph modern architecture and learn how to create stunning fine art digital black and white photographs. Incredibly rich tones and shadow detail, feeling three-dimensional. 2019 Workshop Bookings Now Being Taken.

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Digital Photography Workshops 08. St Moritz, Switzerland. David Osborn

2019 landscape photography workshops teach how to create fine art digital photography from camera to Photoshop. Workshops last one week. UK digital photo workshops and courses or brought right to your home overseas. 2019 Workshop Bookings Now Being Taken.

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Digital Photography Workshops Worldwide

– Even Digital Photography Workshops Brought to Your Home

2019 Fine art digital photography workshops here in the UK; England, Scotland, Wales lasting one week or landscape workshops in America, the USA and Canada or Argentina and Brazil in South America. Digital photography workshops and Photoshop instruction brought directly to your home in Europe; Germany, France, Holland, Portugal, Greece, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Switzerland or Austria. Digital workshops and Photoshop workshops in Northern Europe; Norway, Sweden and Denmark. Eastern Europe in Russia, Turkey or further to the Middle East; Dubai, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, Doha, Bahrain, Qatar, Muscat, Oman. Digital workflow and post production training for photographers in Asia; China, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, India and Japan. Australia or New Zealand – wherever you live.

Black and white photography workshops, courses, lessons or masterclasses teaching you the art of creating black and white digital photography with sublime, rich black and white tones photographing architecture or landscape photography in an artistic, creative and painterly style in color. If you wish to improve your digital technique and Photoshop retouching, I offer you one to one digital photography instruction. Read ‘The Photography Lessons’ page and see the wealth of knowledge you will learn or Read ‘The Landscape Photography Workshops’ page to find a digital photography workshop solution that suits your needs, time and location. All digital courses can be customized to personal needs.

Digital Photography Workshops 13. Dubai. David Osborn
The Burj Khalifa, Dubai
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David Osborn | Professional London Photographer

– Over 35-Years Professional Working Experience
Digital Photography Workshops 14. Self portrait. David Osborn

I am in the very small minority of photography workshop tutors and mentors with a long professional career as a working photographer before turning to teaching digital photography workshops. I began as a hard news photographer in London with Reuters News Agency before turning to high end corporate and annual report work in the electronics industry. Corporate work culminating with being made chief photographer responsible for documenting the £4 billion Heathrow Airport, London, Terminal 5 Construction Project. The largest construction project in Europe at the time shooting over 30,000 photos to create an historical archive. A lifetime of quality knowledge and experience to teach you on my unique digital photography workshops.

… and what a couple of my customers have to say:

“Revival. That’s what I had felt for some time my photography needed, and that’s what spending a week with David did for it. I see differently now and produce work that is much more dramatic with impact. It is one thing to be good at your job, it is another to be able to teach; David is Excellent at Both. Time and money well invested!”

Jerry Park Photographer, Nashville, USA

“First time I stepped across David Osborn’s work I knew: This is what I want be able to achieve; an advanced and artistic way to bring photography and Photoshop together! During our first chat I said I had not got very deep into using Photoshop, which turned out to be no problem at all for him. So, we arranged a workshop. David came to my place and we had great time together. The Benefit is tremendous! To put it into simple words: he keeps every promise given on his website in an absolutely honest and professional way!”

Ray Pinto, Konstanz, Germany
With Client, Bernina Pass, St.Moritz, Switzerland.
Digital Photography Workshops 15 . Switzerland. David Osborn
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David Osborn | Professional London Photographer

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