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Landscape Photography Training

David Osborn | Professional London Photographer


Photoshop Editing Training

David Osborn | Professional London Photographer


Black and White Photography Training

David Osborn | Professional London Photographer


One Workshop, One Week ~ Three Subjects

David Osborn | Professional London Photographer


UK Workshops or Brought to Your Home Worldwide

David Osborn | Professional London Photographer


Creativity and Versatility

David Osborn | Professional London Photographer

Private One Week Workshops

David Osborn | Professional London Photographer

Imagine one workshop that teaches you every step of how to create the photographs shown here …

… a private workshop brought to your home in Europe, Middle East, USA even Russia: Worldwide

Only 24 students each year get this great opportunity to attend

Email: David@PhotoshopWorkshops.Com
Telephone: UK +44 (0)771 204 5126

Creative Photography Workshop

You Learn Visualization, Photography and Photoshop

All the Skills to Create the Images Shown Here

01. Visualization

Visualization teaches you how to think, see and feel pictures. A picture without an idea, is a book without a story. You will learn how to create pictures with ideas, transforming the world that you see, into the creative picture you imagine ~ before you touch the camera. Visualization is planning to create one artistic picture with intent; not editing hundreds with luck.

02. Photography

The landscape photograph is a product of Photoshop, not the camera. You use the camera only as a means to record the multiple exposures you need to create the photograph in Photoshop. You visualize the image in your mind, then photograph the assets you require. This frees you from the creative restrictions of having to get the final image in one shot, in-camera.

03. Photoshop

You learn how to use Photoshop as a creative tool, transforming the ordinary into the most beautiful, creative landscape photograph. Photographs full of light, spatial distance, form, texture, mood, drama and atmosphere. Creative and artistic images that create an emotional response and captivate viewers. You learn to create personal artistic statements.

Convenient Workshops

Choose Your Workshop Location

Booked on Demand ~ When You Want Them

01. Travel to Me in Britain

Where else can you find one workshop, for one week that walks you very gently, step-by-step through the complete process to create the photographs shown here? You learn the complete process in the beautiful environment of the British countryside, surrounded by fresh air and green fields. Peaceful, relaxing and yet educational. What could be more perfect?

02. Brought to Your Home Overseas

You don’t want the pain and time wasted travelling, no problem, I simply bring the same UK workshop to you. It can’t get more convenient than that and if you wish to concentrate on one area more than another, then we simply customize the workshop to your own needs and interests. And, you get the three portfolio shooting days thrown in for free to make it an even better deal.

03. Travel with You Anywhere

Why not maximize your very limited holiday time and combine a holiday and a workshop at the same time. We travel to a location together, photograph during the day and Photoshop in the hotel. A ‘workshop on the road’. You return home with a set of portfolio images and the knowledge of how to create them. This option also has the three, free portfolio shooting days.

Only 24 Students Each Year

Book Your Workshop Before It’s Too Late!

Limited to Two Private Workshops Run Each Month

01. You choose the dates

02. Email me those proposed dates

03. State if UK workshop or your home overseas

04. If the dates available ~ Workshop dates are reserved

05. If not available ~ I will propose the nearest dates possible

06. Once you submit your deposit, your workshop dates are secured

Multiple Person Discounts ~ Two People ~ Save 20% Each. Four People ~ Save 40% Each.

What You Will Learn

The Workshop Tutorials

Read In Order for Best Understanding

An insight into some of the workshop subjects you will learn


David Osborn | Professional London Photographer

Thirty-Five Years Professional Photography Experience

Mission Statement

PhotoshopWorkshops is run by professional London photographer David Osborn. Its mission is to provide the enthusiast photographer, an educational resource for high-quality, professional landscape photography and Photoshop training. The creative photography workshops take you step-by-step through the whole process of creating beautiful images from the camera to print, documenting every step as you go. The photography workshops are primarily private, one-to-one training with no preset dates, booked on demand all year-round, where and when you want them.