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“Travel the World:
Create Aesthetic Images”

– My Digital Photography Workshops Teach You How

“Shoot like a Photographer: Retouch like a Painter.” David Osborn
First: A Moment of Clarity

The danger of going somewhere well-known is everyone’s going to have the same image or conditions may not be perfect. My images of Florence and the Leaning Tower of Pisa, shown below, were taken on a landscape photography workshop in Italy I ran. I suggested to my client: “Why don’t we photograph them?”. The reply was “everyone has those images; we don’t want the same images as everyone else.” My immediate reaction was agreement.

Then I had a moment of real clarity. The fact that everyone has shot Florence and Pisa is exactly WHY we need to shoot them. That’s the core point of my digital photography workshops. The ability to create a personal artistic statement that is totally unique. I said, look, you want to impress your clients. What better way than showing them your version of Florence and Pisa. They will not find a similar, beautiful and unique image on the internet.

Show your clients, you have the ability to be make well known travel locations look completely different, beautiful and unique. That will give them confidence that you can do the same when they employ you for their own photography projects. That you can offer something different. Let’s take up the challenge, let’s intentionally shoot the same composition everyone else has. It was a gamble. If I failed, I was going to look very stupid!

I have solutions to your most common problems:
  • You want more aesthetic quality
  • Your photographs look like everyone else
  • Your photographs are missing atmosphere and emotion
  • You have limited time; the light and weather may not always be perfect
  • You love iconic travel locations, but want your photographs to be creative and unique
Florence, Italy – Slide Icon To View Before And After Images
Revival. That’s what I had felt for some time my photography needed, and that’s what spending a week with David did for it. I see differently now and produce work that is much more dramatic with impact. It is one thing to be good at your job, it is another to be able to teach; David is Excellent at Both.
Time and money well invested!”

Jerry Park Photographer, Nashville, USA

Now: The Solution

Digital Photography Workshops – Syllabus

A holistic approach to learning digital photography with aesthetic quality
Subject 01. Previsualization

Judge “What it could become; Not what it is now”. Look at the scene in front of you and imagine it as a final print. Does it have potential?


Study the scene. Nominate what is the main actor, secondary actor and supporting cast. Like books, photos need a story. Is the story clear?


Create two mental lists while shooting. The assets you have already taken and the assets you still require to create the photograph you imagine.

Subject 02. Photography

The best possible image taken in a single frame. The image all other assets will be added to when creating the perfect final photograph.


Bracketed exposures for rich shadow detail and highlights. Exposures that make a beautiful quality image. Rich shadow tones. Sparkling highlights.


The light may not fall perfectly everywhere in one frame. When the light does fall on other parts of the composition, these are taken as extra assets.

Subject 03. Photoshop

Bring all the technical and artistic assets together, to create a single layered image as if the most perfect single raw file taken by the camera.


Take the composited single image and now polish it to become a beautiful image in its own right. Though high quality, it still feels generic.


Turn the high quality, generic image into your own personal artistic statement; adding the artistic layer on top of the technically perfect foundation.

Leaning Tower of Pisa, Italy – Slide Icon to view Before and After Images

Unique Digital Photography Workshops – Unique Benefits

Learn how to create digital photography with beautiful aesthetic quality

While primarily one to one instruction, all of the digital photography workshops can be expanded to cover additional friends; each of the workshop participants receives a discount. You choose all the group members as I do not place strangers together. This can offer great savings.


Digital photography workshops are booked-on-demand; they do not have preset dates. If your preferred dates are not available, I will offer you the nearest possible dates to your choice. I try to work around you, not you around predefined digital photography workshop dates.


Digital photography workshops are available all year round. While Summer is more popular, other times of the year offer great advantages. More moody weather for photography, far less people around and also great deals on travel and hotels offering great financial savings.

04 Consistent Knowledge

Learning from different sources creates very inconsistent knowledge and gaps that cause confusion and stall your progress. Learning the complete digital workflow on one workshop provides a smooth transition from one skill to another; giving your knowledge consistency.

05 Save Time and Money

Paying for multiple workshops all adds up and will still leave gaps in your knowledge. Paying for one comprehensive workshop covering everything you need; the complete digital workflow, sets up your photography for life and is a much more cost-effective financial investment.

06 Professional Knowledge

I have been a photographer all my life as a hobby then as a profession. That’s an incredible 100,000 hours of real experience before even considering teaching you a workshop. Few digital workshop tutors have this volume of professional work, knowledge and experience to teach.

07 You Achieve So Much More

One to one tuition means learning what you want at the speed you want, making your learning fast and efficient. The workshops concentrate on you only. There is no waiting for ‘the group’ to play catch up; you invest your precious time and money on new and relevant knowledge only.

08 Convenient Workshops

You dictate the time and place of the workshop allowing you to fit the workshop into your work and personal schedule; making it easy to keep in touch with the day-to-day demands of running your own business and personal life. Customized digital workshops fine tune what you wish to learn.

09 Aesthetic Quality

Digital photography workshops teach a holistic approach to creating photographs with technical perfection and high aesthetic quality. Learning how to create aesthetic quality transforms the artistic quality of your digital images, making your work unique and personal.

Only 24 students taught each year worldwide. I only run two private digital photography workshops each month.

Where can I attend the digital photography workshops?

Aesthetic Quality is Artistic Vision with Technical Perfection: Landscape Photography Workshops Teach You How to Achieve this.  The complete digital photography workflow from camera to print to achieve technical perfection and aesthetic quality; a process that will change your whole approach digital photography, radically improving your technical and aesthetic skills while giving your workflow structure and flow for the future. Workshops about your digital photography education with four options:

Old Town Hall, Prague, Czech Republic – Slide Icon To View Before And After Images

Travel With You

A “workshop on the road” traveling to a third destination working from hotels.


Your Home Overseas

The full workshop or customized version brought to your home overseas.


Great Britain

Workshops held in a holiday cottage set in the beautiful British countryside.

A structured workflow saves you hours and creates very high-quality photographs

At the start, I had no clue about Photoshop, I kept it to basic adjustments; deluding myself I could use Photoshop. Returning often to the safety of Lightroom. Meanwhile, I would be inspired looking at great advertising photographers’ images; angry seeing what they can do. Why can’t I do that? After a couple of years of self-delusion, I slapped myself hard. Self-delusion doesn’t work. If I wanted quality, I had to learn – but I had no one to learn from. Just trial and error.

With trial and error, I began building up little pieces of knowledge and random techniques which multiplied over the years. However, all the tools were thrown together like toys in one big toy box. I had no systematic digital workflow; it was chaotic and inefficient. There had to be method in madness; a logical flow to creating digital images. I began concentrating on putting order into the chaos and putting the pieces of the jigsaw together. The digital workflow began.

I had studied the techniques of the old master painters as a student. I wondered if I could adopt their techniques into my digital workflow. I realized from the old master painters to modern advertising images, all used universal principals to create images that stood the test of time for centuries. Portraying light, form, texture and spatial depth. Their solutions were directly transferable. They also presented an interpretation of reality. Not a literal depiction of reality.

The digital workflow took a defining and major evolutionary turn by splitting it into a two-phase digital workflow. First, create the solid, technical foundation to the image. Like the solid foundations of a house. Then build or create the final personal creative, artistic interpretation layer on top. The artistic phase essential to communicate a mood, an atmosphere, an aspiration, a story. The primary quality of all images is the mood it communicates, not the subject it shows.

“The Camera Records. Photoshop Creates” was the logical conclusion. The digital camera is a mechanical tool, merely recording what it sees. Creativity and personal artistic statement cannot be produced in the camera, but only in post-production. The roll of the digital camera was down-graded to merely being the tool to record the digital assets required for final digital post-production; to create the image you have visualized in your mind when photographing.

What I did I gain as result? Vastly higher quality photographs in a radically shorter time. When I started large panoramic landscape photography, I spent up to one hundred and fifty hours on an image. I now do better quality images in eight hours with more creative and artistic freedom than before because my digital workflow has structure. Structure is the foundation for efficiency and quality, not chaos. Everything in life requires a solid structural foundation.

How do you know – What you don’t know – Finding all of your weak links

If you wish to find the weak or even missing link in a chain, begin with the first link, test it then move on to the next; until you get to the end. I take the same approach teaching. Start at the very beginning then move really slowly and methodically through the whole digital workflow from camera to print in small, very simple, easy step-by-step blocks. What you know we move on. What is weak or missing you learn. This methodical process leaves no weak or missing knowledge gaps in the digital workflow.

Equally, using a methodical and systematic digital workflow every time you create an image means no critical element or quality is overlooked. The digital workflow becomes a check list for every required quality an image must contain; light, form, texture, spatial distance etc. Creating them in the correct order maximizes your time efficiently and creates maximum technical and artistic quality. I use the digital workflow for all my images because it works.

The digital workflow took over ten years of stubborn, painful, trial and error to refine. It was created for myself because I am a perfectionist and love quality. One day, I realized that what I had developed was so smooth and amazingly efficient, pain free and yet all-inclusive from camera to print. It would save other photographers the years of pain I went through and push their digital creativity at the same time. So, the landscape photography workshops were born.

One digital workflow; a road to unlimited aesthetic and creative quality

We travel on roads and follow the highway code, but this doesn’t limit our freedom – we don’t all end up in the same place. The digital workflow, like roads, is a structure to follow that gets you to your destination. It doesn’t limit your creative freedom because the journey you make contains innumerable personal artistic choices that define the look and personal style of the photo. Your digital photographs will be personal creations, because you control the creative decisions all along the journey.

Separating the phases, recording and creating, opens a whole new world of possibilities. Photoshop was no longer merely a corrective process, but a full-blown creative phase; full of artistic freedom. The ability to create images the way I want them to look means, I am no longer a prisoner of the camera (which made my work look the same as everyone else). The photos go beyond the camera, full of creative expression. Digital photographs that look unique.

Prague Castle, Czech Republic – Slide Icon To View Before And After Images
Let’s Start a Conversation
+44 771 204 5126
Let’s start a dialog to design a workshop that meets your specific needs.

David Osborn | Professional London Photographer

What Makes Me Qualified to Teach You
Over 35 years professional working photography experience
Digital Photography Workshops. Digital Photograph of David Osborn Photographer. David Osborn Photography

I am in the very small minority of digital photography workshop tutors and mentors with a long professional career as a working photographer before turning to teaching digital photography workshops. I began as a hard news photographer in London with Reuters News Agency before turning to high end corporate and annual report work in the electronics industry. Corporate work culminating with being made chief photographer responsible for documenting the £4 billion Heathrow Airport, London, Terminal 5 Construction Project. The largest construction project in Europe at the time shooting over 30,000 photos to create an historical archive. A lifetime of quality knowledge and experience to teach you on my unique digital photography workshops.

Digital Photography Workshops. David Osborn Photography

“First time I stepped across David Osborn’s work I knew: This is what I want be able to achieve; an advanced and artistic way to bring photography and Photoshop together! During our first chat I said I had not got very deep into using Photoshop, which turned out to be no problem at all for him. So, we arranged a workshop. David came to my place and we had great time together. The Benefit is tremendous! To put it into simple words: he keeps every promise given on his website in an absolutely honest, professional way! A great digital photography workshop.”

Ray Pinto, Konstanz, Germany
Digital Photography Workshops. Digital Photograph of The Dancing House, Prague,, Czech Republic. David Osborn Photography
The Dancing House, Prague, Czech Republic by David Osborn
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