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PhotoshopWorkshops | David Osborn Photography. Professional London Photographer

PhotoshopWorkshops, run by professional London photographer David Osborn. Photography workshops teaching landscape photography and Adobe Photoshop on one photography course. The photography workshops emphasis is on professional and high-quality landscape photography and Photoshop editing tuition. A great picture is 25% photography, 75% Photoshop; you learn both skills. Knowledge, not cameras make great photographs. Photography workshops worldwide, booked-on-demand, all year round.

Portfolio images are spread over the website and located at the bottom of every page
Photography Workshops Visualization. PhotoshopWorkshops David Osborn

David Osborn passes on his knowledge of landscape photography and Photoshop editing through workshops. The standard photography workshops take you through the whole process from the camera to Photoshop. Teaching you all the photography techniques to create the images shown here. The standard photography workshops can be altered to suit your needs, placing more emphasis on either the photography or the Photoshop subjects. Before any workshop, we will look at your images together, so we can discuss where you are now and what you would like to achieve. PhotoshopWorkshops is professional knowledge to help improve your photography and Photoshop skills.

Photography Workshops Photography. PhotoshopWorkshops David Osborn

All the photography workshops and London Photoshop courses are booked on demand, when you want them. They do not have preset dates and can be booked all year round. Standard photography workshops last eight days in Britain, eleven days outside Britain. The photography workshops are intended as private photography and Photoshop tuition on a one to one basis, however, I can also run small group workshops if you require. I do not put strangers together; you would nominate the group. There is a maximum of two workshops run per month. Booking early is essential due to the limited number of workshops possible to run each year. All tuition is with David Osborn in person.

Photography Workshops Photoshop. PhotoshopWorkshops David Osborn

The photography and Photoshop workshops can be held wherever you wish them. Brought to your home overseas for the convenience of keeping in touch with your own day-to-day business needs, or travelling with you to another country as travel photography workshops. Combining an educational workshop with photographing some of the most beautiful destinations in Europe, full of history and character. Finally, the standard photography workshops held here in the British countryside. The workshops have total flexibility for you to learn what you want, when you want and where you want. Either as standard workshops in Britain or custom workshops overseas.

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Photography Workshops David Osborn | PhotoshopWorkshops

The Art of Quality

Luxury Knowledge with Creative Freedom

Bespoke Workshops with Holistic Approach

~ Learn how to transform the ordinary into the sublime.

Only Thirty Students Each Year, Worldwide

Photography Workshops: Subjects

A New World of Creativity and Craftsmanship


Visualization and composition, teaches you how to think, see and feel pictures. The skill required of professional photographers. How to visualize the finished image in your mind before you photograph. How to turn your ideas into pictures before touching the camera. Learning this essential “think first, act second” approach will mean you take one photograph with a clear idea, not a hundred photographs without an idea. Visualization means creating good pictures regularly through intent, not randomly through luck. The workshops begin by asking “What makes good landscape photography?” The qualities we must aspire to. The rest of the time is spent learning how to achieve those qualities


The landscape photograph is a product of Photoshop, not the camera. We use the camera only as a means to record the best possible material for Photoshop. What we need in Photoshop to create our final photograph, controls what we photograph with the camera. We visualize the photograph in our mind, then photograph the assets we require. With the use of a tripod, we make sure all the exposures align in Photoshop. This frees us from having to get the final image in one exposure, in-camera. This opens up a whole new world of creative possibility which we factor back into the visualization stage; yet based on our Photoshop knowledge. All three subjects are tightly interwoven and inseparable.


In Photoshop we first collate, edit then composite all our assets to create a single photograph; as if it were the most perfect image straight out of the camera. As if the image was indeed photographed as a single frame, in-camera. This image is then polished to transform it into an optical illusion of a landscape feeling three-dimensional, with light, form, texture and spatial distance. Technically perfect but lacking mood. In the last Photoshop phase, we add the artistic layer to transform the technically perfect into a personal artistic statement containing light, mood, drama and atmosphere. Enhancing all those qualities listed in the tutorial titled “What makes good landscape photography?”.

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Photography Workshops: Locations

Bespoke Workshops in England or Brought to Your Door Overseas

Travel to Me in England

The standard photography workshops held in Great Britain. The workshop lasts eight days including travel days; six full days of learning. The workshops are held in self catering holiday cottages near the village of Betws-y-coed on the edge of Snowdonia National Park, Wales The photography workshops cover the whole process from the camera to Photoshop, but with greater emphasis on the Photoshop editing techniques. Photographs are taken as part of the workshop, but not to high portfolio standards due to the time limitations. British photography workshops can be transferred to an alternative British location if required. Good for concentrating on learning Photoshop.

Travel to You Overseas

The same photography workshops brought to your home outside Britain. This can be either the standard photography workshops covering the complete process of landscape photography and Photoshop editing, or more customized photography workshops concentrating on photography or Photoshop depending on your needs. Students can be beginners to advanced and provided we can converse in English, language should not be any problem. I have held numerous private workshops in Germany, France, Italy, Norway, Turkey, Dubai even Oman, where it was essential for clients to stay in touch with the day-to-day needs of their own businesses. Best option for your convenience.

Travel with You Anywhere

The perfect photography holiday to learn travel and outdoor photography with Photoshop training while photographing beautiful locations in USA, France, Germany, Spain, Norway, Italy, Switzerland, Dubai – where ever you wish to combine a one on one private landscape photography course and photography holiday. This option allows you the opportunity to escape from the day-to-day needs of your business, yet maximize your free time to enjoy travelling and learning photography at the same time without the restrictions of a preset travel schedule to keep to. Returning with a full set of beautiful portfolio quality images. The best option for good travel photography and relaxation to unwind.

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Create Beautiful Sublime Quality

Timeless, Moody Drama. The Confidence to be Individual

Photography Workshops Italy, Pisa. PhotoshopWorkshops David Osborn
“Only investing in cameras will never make you a good photographer. Only knowledge can make you a good photographer! Knowledge will teach you how to create beautiful pictures from beautiful cameras ” ~ David Osborn, London, 2018
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Photography Workshops: Tutor

David Osborn, Professional London Photographer

Why Choose David Osborn?

David Osborn set up PhotoshopWorkshops after a 35-year career as a professional working photographer in London, and working all over the world. The knowledge gained from a life time of experience, forms the very foundation of the photography workshops. Concentrated knowledge worth its weight in gold because it is tested, proven knowledge that works. David Osborn unique, being in the very small minority of tutors running photography workshops to have years of professional work experience before becoming a tutor. The benefit to you, is the quality of that knowledge. You are not wasting your time and money on untested knowledge or useless advice that is not practical and beneficial.

Why Experience is Important

As a working photographer, what you get paid for is your ability to analyze a story, then find a visual solution that communicates that story in a single picture. Your employer will then judge how well you did. If you did well, you will get another job. If you failed, no more work! So, the quicker you learn ‘what works’, the quicker you create a higher level of job security for yourself. The more years you do the job, the more time and practice you have had to refine ‘what works’. Without doing photography as a job, you would not have had, this constant exposure to other people’s judgement. People in visual jobs, very qualified to make such judgments, like marketing directors and advertising agencies.

What Work Experience?

David Osborn began his work career with Reuters News Agency in London as a hard news photographer in London, Philippines and Australia. This was followed by corporate photography shooting annual reports for companies like Nortel, Alcatel and GEC. David was chief photographer for the Heathrow Terminal 5 construction project, an enormous six-year, £4 billion project. David’s duties were to research and plan photographic coverage of the whole project, then shoot all the key stages; handing in over 30,000 annual report quality images. David’s areas of sole responsibility were the main Terminal 5 building, all airfield and taxi way construction and tunnel construction for the trains.

Reuters Photographer
Corporate Photography
Landscape Photography
Photoshop Editing
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San Gian Church near St. Moritz, Switzerland

San Gian Church near St. Moritz, Switzerland

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Photoshop Training London

Photoshop Course London

Private Tuition

Private London Photoshop training booked on demand when you need it, on a day-to-day basis. This is not a group classroom course but personal tuition with David Osborn at his home in north London. See map on the contact page. For multiple, consecutive days, I can travel to you in the UK or worldwide. Training for small groups can be arranged if required. Photoshop for photographers. Photographers wishing to learn the Photoshop editing skills to improve their photography. All the tuition involves working on real images to put the knowledge in context, not classroom theory. Before and after Photoshop retouching examples can be viewed on the Photoshop course London page.

Basic Photoshop

The Photoshop course London, is happy to teach you Adobe Photoshop as a complete beginner, introducing you to the image editing software and the very basic features needed first. Adobe Photoshop offers far more tools than Adobe Lightroom and therefore allows greater control over your images. Adobe Photoshop is the only choice if you wish to create images at the very highest quality level. Photoshop may look complicated. It is very powerful software that can be used for many jobs. As photographers we do not need to learn every tool it offers. I can teach you the tools we need as photographers. Photoshop really is not complicated to learn, just requiring time and practice to get comfortable.

Advanced Photoshop

Students already familiar with Adobe Photoshop, the basic functions, tools and generally finding their way around the image editing software, may want to learn more advanced Photoshop skills. This may be in several different ways. On a more advanced technical level, subjects like advanced masking techniques or on a concept level, the Photoshop workflow for creating landscape images. Even on a more artistic level, exploring ways to use Photoshop for more creative expression. PhotoshopWorkshops is a resource for you to call on, to help improve both your photography and Photoshop editing skills. Anything that I can do myself, I am happy to pass on and teach. Just let me know your needs.

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Short Break Photography Workshops

Three Day Group Photography Workshops in Europe

What are They

The short break photography workshops are three-day photography workshops with a group size of ten, held in a European city. The short break photography workshops cover my complete process of landscape photography and Photoshop editing. Everyone photographs the composition shown for that workshop and city, then we learn all the Photoshop editing as a group, step-by-step. We spend the remaining part of the three days slowly working through the Photoshop editing process, building up the documentation as we go. We also discuss the whole subject of Photoshop editing and landscape photography in general as we progress, so everyone leaves with complete knowledge.


The purpose of the short break photography workshops is to teach the workflow. When shooting landscapes, indeed architecture and many other subjects, the photographic and Photoshop problems and solutions remain the same for every image. The order that we work through creating an image in Photoshop remain the same for every image, no matter the subject. The only variables, are the small input decisions at the detail level e.g. curve settings; the overall process remains the same for every image though. I have developed a workflow that I use for all my own images that is systematic, containing a set number of steps in a refined order. This workflow, is what I will teach you.


We only take one photograph on the European short break photography workshops, then process that one image. By concentrating on only one image, it makes learning the workflow time efficient, cost effective, clear and precise. Learning the workflow is the purpose of the workshop, not the image itself. The workshop image and documentation become your working template for all your future images; the workshop image is only the means to that end. The short break photography workshops are one third the price of private one-week workshops that can be the next step to develop you skills further to more advanced and personal levels. Workshops can be taken as part of a general holiday.

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Download Photoshop Tutorial

Learn from my original Photoshop files. Real images converted as a “download Photoshop tutorial.” My master Photoshop file with every layer annotated for you to reverse engineer, experiment with and learn from. Every layer in its original order, can be turned on and off or adjusted. The download Photoshop tutorial file is a great introduction to my photography workshops and courses, giving you a feeling of how the images are created in Photoshop and what you will learn on the Photoshop part of my photography workshops.
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News Releases
This is Wrong!

Der Spiegel &

Getty Images

One Year: Unpaid

Der Spiegel, Germany, used my Houses of Parliament, London image for their cover story reporting the London, Westminster terrorist attack in 2017. The image was purchased through Getty Images Photo Library. One year later, I have still not been paid a cent! Despite one full year of trying to get paid. Now, threatening legal action they are taking me a little more seriously. Which is at fault? I have no clear answer from Getty Images on that.

If Getty Images can’t even keep track of their images used by an international news magazine like Der Spiegel’s front cover usage, images entrusted to them by photographers to earn their income, then it makes me wonder how many other images are being used worldwide that photographers do not get paid for? Why should professional photographers have their images used to earn income for others, yet not be paid themselves? Do the staff at Der Spiegel and Getty Images work for free? I think not – So, why should we?

Photography Workshops. Der Spiegel, Getty. PhotoshopWorkshops David Osborn
Der Spiegel Cover, March 2017 by David Osborn
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St. Moritz

Celebrating the 20th anniversary of El Paradiso, St. Moritz. A collaboration with Mr Hans-Jörg Zingg, owner of the luxury alpine restaurant, is an exhibition of my art photography of St. Moritz and Engadin Valley. Fine art landscape photography shot exclusively for and to mark the anniversary of this amazing restaurant, very large prints are exhibited in El Paradiso.

If you have purchased a print, please drop me an email so you can register your purchase here in London with the photographer. Also love to hear your comments about the show.

Photography Workshops. Der Spiegel, Getty. PhotoshopWorkshops David Osborn
El Paradiso, St. Moritz, Switzerland Exhibition
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Photography Workshops: Reviews

“David’s landscape photos give the impression of paintings – and indeed he is working like a painter! The image files out of the camera are just raw material to him, from which he carves out – by means of Photoshop – the final picture with a lot of precise steps, just like a sculptor out of a block of marble”.

Werner Kirsch. Cologne, Germany – Read Detailed Review

“I am truly glad I have had the opportunity to meet up with you and learn from you. I am in such a wonderful and inspired place now with my photography that I consider I have found my “style” that represent my mood expression I have searched for with the balance of readability in the picture (especially in the darkest parts that used to be more blocked out) and the dark and moody expression that this technique gives a wonderful framework for me to do. Thank you very much, David”

Pål-Harald, Oslo, Norway

First time I stepped across David Osborn’s work I knew: This is what I want be able to achieve; an advanced and artistic way to bring photography and Photoshop together!  During our first chat I told David that I haven´t got very deep into using Photoshop, which turned out to be no problem at all for him. So, we arranged a workshop. David came to my place and we had great time together. The Benefit is tremendous! To put it into simple words: David keeps every promise he is giving on his website in an absolutely honest and professional way!”

Ray Pinto, Konstanz, Germany

“I called David one day to discuss the possibility to join one of his Workshops. It turned out be a one hour long very interesting conversation. The result from this conversation was one great adventure to Lofoten in Norway.”

Magnus Jonassen, CEO, Spetals verk, Oslo, Norway. www.spetalsverk.no

“Revival. That’s what I had felt for some time my photography needed, and that’s what spending a week with David did for it. I see differently now and produce work that is much more dramatic with impact. Time and money well invested!”

Jerry Park, Nashville, USA

“My most valuable investment and an experience to be repeated. An intense but enjoyable week learning a workflow for my landscape photography, beginning from pressing the shutter to learning the necessary Photoshop skills to create an image that’s worth printing. Thanks to this method, now my photos have the “impact and mood” I always wanted to get.”

Carlo Marrazza, Brindisi, Italy

“During that one-week photography workshop in Wales, David taught me step-by-step how to make impressive landscape photography. Beginning with choosing the correct place to arrange the tripod and camera, then making various photos with different exposures and waiting for the sunlight. At the cottage, working through the Photoshop process. As I am a beginner, he was very patient with me, leading me through the whole process in various chapters; tell, show, do! At the end of the week I had to do it alone with only my notes. Back at home, I can now repeat what I have learnt with the help of my workshop notes. Thankyou David.”

Eberhard Mathes, Bavaria, Germany

“The last thing that David taught me was the tricks of post processing. Here is where David is a master. With his instruction I was able to enhance my photographs into artistic masterpieces. Pictures that I wanted to print.”

William Gardiner, CEO and Owner of PENCOM, San Carlos, Ca. USA. www.pencomsf.com

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PhotoshopWorkshops.com by David Osborn. Professional London Photographer

The Mission Statement

Bespoke Workshops

T: UK +44 (0)771 204 5126
David Osborn is a professional London photographer with over 35-years photography experience starting his career as a news photographer with Reuters, followed by years of corporate annual report photography. A lifetime of quality knowledge and experience worth its weight in gold, that very few photography workshop tutors have.
David Osborn passes on this lifetime of knowledge and experience on how to create functional photographs that communicate a story through photography workshops and courses. A good photograph requires three skills: Visualization, Photography and Photoshop. David Osborn teaches all three essential subjects as one workshop.
Photography workshops are booked on demand all year round as one to one, private tuition. Photography workshops can be the standard landscape photography workshop covering all three subjects, or more customized courses concentrating more on one subject than another. The purpose is to help you improve your skills.
Photography workshops have three options. 1. You travel to the UK for a private landscape photography workshop lasting one week. 2. David Osborn brings the landscape photography workshop to your home overseas which lasts eleven days. 3. You travel together and hold the photography workshop at a third destination in Europe.
What you are NOT paying for is the time spent on the photography workshop. What you ARE paying for is an investment in professional knowledge and a comprehensive workflow refined from a lifetime of professional experience. A workflow covering the whole subject of landscape photography that will set you up for the future.

Luxury Knowledge

Florence, Italy

Discover Your New World of Creativity and Craftsmanship

~ Only a Workshop Away.