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Photoshop Workshops by Photographer David Osborn

Private Photography and Photoshop Tuition Booked on Demand Worldwide


Landscape photography workshops and travel photography workshops. The only workshop to fully integrate Photoshop and photography as one photography course. Teaching you how to create the fine art landscape photographs shown here. Creative, painterly landscape photography as private tuition using the photographic technique explained below. Take your work beyond the camera: “compose the subject, shoot the light, print the atmosphere.” These workshops will teach you that the camera is only the start, not the end. All instruction with professional photographer, David Osborn.

Travel Landscape Photography Workshops with Photoshop. Private Tuition with David Osborn, Professional London Photographer. Click to view large photograph of Snowdonia, Wales.

Private Photography Tuition

David Osborn, Professional Photographer, London

Workshop Subjects

Learn Photography Composition and Photography Visualization with Professional London Photographer David Osborn. Click to view large photograph of Pisa, Italy.


Composition is one part of a larger subject, visualization. Visualization is thinking, contemplating and planning the photograph before you shoot. Looking beyond what the landscape looks like now and seeing what it ‘could become’. Transforming the landscape in front of you, into a fine art photograph in your mind first. The rewards are far less wasted time, higher quality creative and artistic photographs.

Learn Landscape Photography. Private Photography Workshops with Professional Landscape Photographer David Osborn. Click to view large photograph of Rainbow, Snowdonia, Wales.


The landscape photograph is the product of Photoshop, not the camera. However, perfect photographic technique is required to create beautiful fine art landscape photographs. The workshop covers photographic technique in minute detail. Starting with correct camera settings, then working through the whole photographic process to choosing the correct camera exposure for rich print tonality and detail.

Learn Photoshop Retouching. Private Photoshop Workshops with Professional Photoshop Retoucher David Osborn. Click to view large photograph of La Roque, Gageac, France.


Photoshop creates our visualised image by blending together our photographed assets. This creative control, working like a painter, means we create a landscape photo the way we want; without the restrictions of only having what the camera gave us in one frame. The final image is our creative interpretation of the scene, not an image that documents reality; the essential quality making your images personal and unique.

Workshop Locations

Landscape Photography Workshops with Professional Landscape Photographer David Osborn. Click to view large photograph of Glencoe, Scotland


Two options: Custom and advanced. Both teach the technique above, but account for students having different starting levels and wishes. Landscape photography workshops focus on teaching the above technique, not gaining great portfolio photographs. Workshops last one week in Britain. You travel to me.

Travel Photography Workshops with Professional Travel Photographer David Osborn. Click to view large photograph of Florence, Italy


Two options: I travel to your home or I travel with you, to a third destination. Both options teach the technique above. Travelling with you to a beautiful location, combines a learning workshop with creating a set of portfolio travel images. It also includes additional subjects like planning travel projects, exhibitions and images.

Photoshop Course London. Private Photoshop Courses and Tuition with Professional London Photographer David Osborn. Click to view large photograph of Sigmaringen Castle, Germany.


Private London Photoshop Course. Photoshop tuition on a daily basis in London. One off days or multiple days as part of a course spread over time. You set the agenda for what you wish to learn. Photoshop as a beginner or topping up the skills you already have. Select the areas of Photoshop you wish to learn. Tuition with David Osborn.

The Photography Technique You Will Learn

“Visualize in your Mind. Record with the Camera. Create in Photoshop”

Fine art landscape photographs are first visualized in your mind, recorded with the camera, then created in Photoshop. The camera recording assets for Photoshop. Combine a camera with a tripod, taking great care they never move, means multiple exposures align in Photoshop. In Photoshop we combine the best areas of each exposure to create a perfect technical photograph, then overlay this with a layer of pure artistic and painterly Photoshop.

Visualization is being able to see the final photograph in your mind before shooting. Looking at the landscape and seeing what it ‘could become’. You create the picture you want, not just accept what the camera gave you. Visualization is an essential subject, very rare to find being taught. My workshops are unique, teaching all three subjects on one workshop.

Below are three before and after landscape Photoshop examples. Click on an image; they show you exactly what you will learn to do. How to create these painterly, artistic fine art landscape photographs from start to finish. Full of light, form, mood and atmosphere.




Ex Reuters news photographer, picture editor then corporate annual report photographer with over 35 years professional work experience and knowledge to pass on.


Three choices of workshop. Travel to me for one week in Britain, travel to your home overseas or travel with you worldwide to another destination shooting portfolio images.


Convenient workshops. Landscape photography workshops and travel photography workshops are all booked on demand, all year round, when you want them with no pre-set dates.


Beginners to advanced welcome. Workshops for all photographers wishing to improve their skills for creating really beautiful fine art landscape photographs.


The workshop aim is to teach you the complete process, providing you with full documentation and sample files for your continued learning after the workshop.


Private workshops, limited to only thirty students each year worldwide, due to the limited number of workshops possible to run. Booking early is really essential.


New 4 Day, Mini Workshop Idea for 2018 – Iconic Europe.

The ‘Mini Workshop’ will be a 4 day, group workshop for 10 people. The workshop will photograph one iconic location in Europe. The first mini workshop is Pisa, Italy (Before After Example 3 – below). I take you through the whole process of photographing the image together, then in the hotel conference room, we spend 2 to 3 days working through all the Photoshop steps, logic and process to create the image shown below. You work with me all together as a group on your laptops creating the final image. The end result is one completed image with all the layers and documentation for creating that image. This then becomes your process template and notes for all your own future images with a similar painterly style.

If as a workshop concept, this appeals – drop me an email through my contact page and let me know. There is absolutely no obligation on your part, this is just to research the idea, but provides a vastly more economical workshop alternative. If I get 10 people signed up, I will run the workshop in Pisa, Italy in February 2018. The workshop would cost a great deal less, at around £1,200 for 4 days instruction by me including the hotel, but excluding travel to the hotel and meals.

2018 – Winter, Spring Workshops – Only 12 Students Accepted.

Book Now. Winter and spring landscape photography with Photoshop workshop bookings now being taken. Get in fast because ONLY 12 students will be taught worldwide during this best time of year to capture mood. This time of year the weather is beautifully atmospheric, has less tourists and cars to ruin pictures, hotels and flights are cheaper with fantastic deals available. You almost have the world to yourself. I always shoot my own images in the winter and spring. Join me in an artistic, fine art landscape photography workshop with Photoshop at the best time of year and save money at the same time. Book your 2018 private workshop now. Be one of only 12 students.


Learn with David Osborn – Biography

David Osborn is a professional London photographer. Very few workshop tutors have professional working backgrounds. David Osborn has over 35 years, experience as a professional working photographer and picture editor, working worldwide.

David Osborn started Reuters News Agency in London as photographer and picture editor before corporate photography; shooting annual reports for international companies. David was chief photographer for the £4 billion, Heathrow Airport, Terminal 5 construction project in London. Responsible for picture planning, shooting and editing the project for 6 years.

David Osborn uses his wealth of knowledge and experience to teach you how to become a good all round photographer, editor and Photoshop retoucher. David does NOT have a testimonial page. Many of his clients are professional photographers or corporate business leaders with a passion for photography. All wish to remain anonymous.

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