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Black and white photography workshops teach you how to create beautiful fine art black and white photography with an amazing three-dimensional quality and rich shadow tonality; the complete workflow to create impact from concept to print.

Black White Photography Workshops in Valencia, Spain. David Osborn Photography

The Fine Art of Black and White Photography Workshops

Black and White Photography Workshops: Location and Hotel

The City of Arts and Sciences is the entertainment and cultural complex in Valencia, Spain. Stunning architecture by Spanish architects Santiago Calatrava and Felix Candela, inaugurated in 2005. The complex contains an IMAX cinema, museums, oceanographic park and opera house with the hotel of choice for the black and white photography workshops is only 400 meters from The City of Arts and Sciences, a quick 5-minute walk; ideal for early morning and late-night shoots. The workshops Photoshop post-processing tuition is held in the hotel.

Black and White Workshops: Bring, Included and Not Included

The price of the fine art black and white photography workshops in Valencia, Spain is tuition only. Travel to and from Valencia, Spain or hotel accommodation and meals is not included in the price. I can book the hotel accommodation for you, so we stay in the same hotel near The City of Arts and Sciences. You need to bring your camera equipment including tripod, laptop with Adobe Photoshop and notepad and pens for taking the workshops notes. There are no entrance costs into The City of Arts and Sciences.

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What You Learn on Black and White Photography Workshops

01. Create Beautiful, Rich Black and White Tones

Shadows must reveal tone and detail. It is the cornerstone of quality black and white photography. The minute they fill in and become solid, they lose reality because our eye does not see shadows as solid black. This is the most common weakness in most photographers black and white photography. All of the camera response curves destroy the shadow separation and most photographers don’t realize this. We must correct this defect to get rich, sublime but black shadow detail in black and white photos.

02. Create Simple, Bold Black and White Compositions

Composition is the ability to look at the scene as flat, two dimensional abstract shapes and see how one shape interacts with another. Good composition is finding a balance of all the shapes to create harmony within the frame. Only a small movement of the camera greatly changes the balance and harmony of the image. The bold architecture is the perfect location for black and white workshops to teach you how to create bold, simple and harmonious compositions.

03. Create Black and White Photography With a Sense of Light

Without light, we have nothing; we have no black and white image. The direction and quality of the light influences every aspect of the black and white photo from a feeling of life, mood and drama to the three-dimensional feel of objects. The futuristic architecture is ideal for studying how light separates objects and creates mood and form by simply walking around the buildings and looking. Architecture makes this subject easy to explain. The same principles used in black and white landscape photos.

04. Create Black and White Photography With a Sense of Form

Giving every object a feeling of solid form is critical for creating the rich black and white photograph and the illusion of real objects sitting in a spacial landscape, some near, some far. We want to create objects with form so real, that we feel we could put our hand into the photograph and hold them, pick them up and rotate them, feel what is behind them. Buildings are great objects to teach the subject of how light creates form given they are so three-dimensional by nature.

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05. Create Black and White Photography With a Sense of Texture

Creating a sense of texture, the tactile quality of objects is subtler, but a quality we strive to enhance. Texture is a quality that helps the illusion of reality in the black and white photograph. Portraying the surface quality of objects, making trees ‘feel like trees’, rocks ‘feel jagged’ and water, ‘smooth’. Clouds ‘light and delicate’. The feeling that we could touch the objects with our hand and feel all their textures. Every object and surface have their own ‘texture signature’ that we need to identify then enhance.

06. Create Black and White Photography With Spatial Depth

A critical subject of the black and white photography workshops is teaching spacial depth. Spatial depth is creating the feeling of one object in front of another and how one object is closer to us than another. If we do, we then create a black and white photograph with the illusion of real depth; the real feeling we can walk right into and around the photograph. Spatial depth gives a reality that transforms the black and white photograph we merely look at, to one we psychologically engage with and explore.

07. Create Black and White Photography With 3-D Form

The black and white photograph is an optical illusion; making our brain believe we are seeing objects when, reality is it is just a collection of black and white tones. If we have incorporated all the above qualities, we have probably created a convincing optical illusion. However, three-dimension is also an overall, cohesive quality. The black and white photography workshops teach how we can improve its three-dimensional feel through adjusting the tones to correctly portray what happens in real life.

08. Create Black and White Photography With Mood and Drama

Lastly, mood, drama and atmosphere. The more artistic quality. This is creating a black and white photograph with soul, the feeling of something extra present than what you just see. It is the human creativity and artistic component of the black and white photograph. It is the quality a machine cannot recreate, the quality that makes the image your own personal work of artistic expression. Combining all these qualities above, is so you can communicate your opinion, vision and idea about the scene.

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Benefits of Black and White Photography Workshops

01. Learn the Qualities of Good Black and White Photography

The black and white photography workshops teach you the basic qualities of all good photographs, the very same qualities that make good landscape images. The architectural environment in a confined area, is perfect for explaining and then creating each of these qualities. The landscape environment is far more confused. “Compose the subject, photograph the light and print the atmosphere”. The City of Arts and Sciences is the perfect environment to put this motto into practice.

02. Less Weather Dependent: More Reliable Photography

Valencia, Spain is more guaranteed good weather for teaching black and white workshops. Weather creates the light and mood in a landscape photograph; but weather is very unreliable. Good weather and architecture provide a far more reliable combination to teach the workshops within the limited time frame. Many landscapes photographs are nothing without suitable weather; the weather is the subject. This places more risk on the quality and consistency of the images to practice on.

03. Great Location to Learn Photography Composition

Composition is all about understanding where to stand and how objects relate, move and interact with each other. The smallest movement of the camera position dramatically changes how objects align. In the condensed architectural environment this subject is far more easily taught because the simplified architectural lines show the interactions more clearly. In the landscape the principles remain the same, but the complexity of the landscape and distances involved make it harder to see and teach.

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Black White Photography Workshops in Valencia, Spain. Learn Multiple Frame Panoramics. David Osborn Photography

Black & White Photography Workshops – Prices

The Black and White photography workshops are intended as private, one-to-one tuition. However, multiple people can attend the Black and White workshops at a very reduced price per person. It is up to you to arrange all the additional members though.

One Person

One To One

£362 Per Day Each

Per Person
Two People

Save 20% Each

£287 Per Day Each

Per Person
Three People

Save 33% Each

£237 Per Day Each

Per Person
Four People

Save 40% Each

£212 Per Day Each

Per Person
Workshops Terms & Conditions

Once the location and dates are agreed, a deposit is requested. On receipt of the deposit the workshops are secured. The balance being paid before the black and white photography workshops start. The prices exclude my expenses, reimbursed at cost; airfares, travel, holiday cottage cost, hotels but not food and meals. Insurance is your responsibility to cover all eventualities including injury, equipment loss and damage, cancellation, etc for the black and white photography workshops and personal tuition.


Workshops fees are required to be paid by electronic bank transfer only. The client must cover any additional transfer charges. I do not accept credit cards at the moment.


Workshop deposit of £1,000 and full cottage price, UK Workshops, paid in full – both non-refundable. Only on receipt of the deposit, are the landscape photography workshops confirmed.


The balance must be paid and cleared in full, no later than 30 days before the start of landscape photography workshops. I cannot leave London, unless the landscape course balance is paid.


British workshops are held in holiday cottages. The extra cost averages £350 per week but rise during summer. Charged at cost price. Paid in full with landscape photography workshop deposit.


Airline tickets, hotel cost, car hire and fuel are arranged and paid by the client. Out of pocket expenses, reimbursed to me at cost after the course. This does NOT include food.


I am not responsible at all for any damage, loss or personal injury to yourself, belongings or camera equipment. You need personal insurance to cover all eventualities during landscape workshops.


If I cancel, never happened, 100% refund. If you cancel: no refund on the cottage cost or deposit paid. 50% refund of final balance if already paid in full, 30 days before starting.


I guarantee 100% effort and to be available 24 hours a day. I cannot guarantee though, what level you complete the landscape photography workshops. This depends on personal ability.


For all our personal safety, if the client is used to driving on the right-hand side of the road; same as the country we are in, then the client will do the landscape photography workshops driving.

The Digital Photography Workshops – Syllabus & Tutorials

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