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Photography Tutorials are Great: “Real Images are Better!”
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Photoshop Tutorial Download. Photo of Final Image. David Osborn Photography
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Photoshop Tutorial Download File. Photo of Screen Shot. David Osborn Photography
Road to Glencoe Tutorial Screen Shot

‘Road to Glencoe’ Tutorial

01. Every Layer Included

The “Photoshop tutorial downloads” give you the perfect opportunity to reverse engineer the image. Turning on or off a layer, allows you to see the effect that layer makes on the image. Nothing at all is left out. See every single alteration, addition, mask, tonal change and color change – the lot! See how masks are used. Where adjustments are applied. If they are limited to a small area or applied to the whole image. See if the mask is a detailed TK Actions mask or a more freely hand painted mask. The Photoshop knowledge this file contains is worth its weight in gold.

02. Every Layer Annotated

Every layer is annotated within the 60-character Photoshop limitation, explaining the layer’s purpose or where the image information comes from. This file is the best learning tutorial because it’s not a static, theoretical illustration; it’s the real image that you can alter and change in real time yourself. The power is NOT having to relate poor quality ‘text book illustrations’ to real life application. The file is the real-life application that you can alter and experiment with. Every layer was created because it is needed to make the Photograph, not to make tutorial.

03. Color Coded Layers

Every layer is color coded to ‘Color Group’ every type of layer for your easier understanding. Looking at the color, you can easily see at a glance the dispersal of the layer types, quickly seeing the dispersal of layers containing image information and those that are image adjustment layers. Grey – final image. Orange – color changes. Red – tonal adjustment layers. Green – photographic information layers. Purple – groups and Yellow – ‘black’ layers. The secret layer that is not found described in Photoshop books to achieve beautiful mood, atmosphere and a real feeling of light.

04. Experiment

Being a real file, every adjustment layer setting is reflected in its ‘properties window’, every curve, level and color change can be seen or changed to understand what I did and how it changed the image. This allows you to experiment, seeing the result of those changes within the context of the whole image. Most Photoshop tutorials explain one function at a time, without the context of all the other layers that go into making an image. Provided you do not save your file but use ‘revert’ the file will return to its original state or set the file properties to read only on your computer.

05. Analyze the Histogram

The Photoshop histogram works in real time, reflecting how the image changes as the photo is created. Histograms are the essential guide to make sure highlights and shadows do not blow out or fill in, because they rely on data, not visual judgment of a monitor screen. The large volume of pixels reflecting the overall tone of the image. The histogram also shows the tonal gradation. Smooth histograms mean beautiful smooth tonal gradation. See how I create this smooth tonality and what layer controls it. Learning the Photoshop histogram is an essential Photoshop skill.

06. Photography Workshops

At the very bottom are the raw files converted into tiff format. Not everything I do can be learnt from one single image because each image has unique problems to solve, but every single one of the “Photoshop tutorial downloads” file contain the complete evolution of that image from start to finish, with nothing edited out or ‘re-polished’ in order to create a tutorial. Every change and brush stroke are there to see, because I needed it to create the final image. 100% honesty! The file shows what you learn on a landscape photography workshop and Photoshop course London.

07. Important: Please Read

The file does NOT contain any additional documentation other than layer annotation. The file is not intended as a replacement for a workshop or tuition and it will not provide any form of ‘how to’ instruction. It is intended only as additional information for those familiar with Photoshop and like my style of work. To learn how to do the complete process with full understanding, a workshop is required.

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Photoshop Tutorial Download After Photoshop Editing. David Osborn Photography
Photoshop Tutorial Download Before Photoshop. David Osborn Photography
Road to Glencoe Tutorial Image

The Tutorial Price: £39

01. Benefits of The Tutorial

The Photoshop tutorial download image is my original master files with every layer used to create the image. They are not intended to replace a workshop, but a small snap-shot and insight into how I create the look of my images and what is covered on the photography workshops. The best tutorial ever is learning from the real thing: what better than owning my original master files; the real thing. It is not an image created as a tutorial, but the real master file converted into a tutorial. Every layer fully annotated. Turn on one layer at a time from the bottom up, see the final image evolve in front of your eyes, perfect to reverse engineer the image. Study the techniques used to create the final image, solving contrast, color, compositing and much more. Not every file uses all my techniques, only those required.

02. How to Purchase the File

1. Send me an email quoting “Road to Glencoe Tutorial”
2. A PayPal invoice will be emailed to you
3. On payment, the file is sent to you via WeTransfer
4. You will be sent an email from WeTransfer containing a download link

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The Photography Workshops

Workshop for Black and White photography in Spain. Photograph of Valencia architecture. David Osborn Photography.

Black & White Photography

Black and White workshop in Valencia, Spain shooting modern architecture.

Norway image for standard photography workshops. David Osborn Photography.

Landscape Photography Workshops

Standard workshop here in UK, your home overseas or travel with you to a third location.

Photograph of Buckingham Palace for Photoshop course London. David Osborn Photography.

Photoshop London

Adobe Photoshop training in London. Booked on a per day basis or extended course.

Photograph of Pisa, Italy for Italy photography workshop. David Osborn Photography.

Italy Workshop

Short break, group photography workshop in Pisa, Italy lasting three days creating this image.

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Quote “Road To Glencoe” as subject.

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